May 2017 User group recap

What a whopper we had this month a “first talk’er”, a “PowerPoint wiz” and some “Azure Goodies” to bring it home.

Firstly, let me mention the full “trans-auditorium log” with almost not a single seat available.

To kick off the evening all the way from Entelect we had Courtney who shared with us her experiences with “My first experience with Distributed Replay”. let me tell you that there were truly some gems in there with new ways to test you SQL code across multiple servers. As a first-time speaker, no one could notice that this was the case. She did set the bar quite high for the follow-up acts.

James stepped up to the plate and delivered a very impressive talk on “Shedding some light on Window Functions in SQL Server”. Not only was the topic very pertinent to the audience but was complete with a “Oscar” grade PowerPoint complete with screen recordings and the whole shebang. Not only did we learn about the ever-evolving “Window Functions” but boy can PowerPoint dance if you know how. I can see a talk for James in the future “Lets tap-dance with PowerPoint” nudge- nudge, wink -wink.

Taking us to the finish was a very brave Michael. Taking us through the inner workings of “stream analytics” to deliver real-time information. Most of us would have done screen shots or screen recordings. Not Michael, he danced where others fear to tread and did a live demonstration on Azure via a mobile internet connection. Respect Michael, Respect!

An ostentatious thank you to our sponsors for making the event and prizes possible.

Congrats to all our winners and see you all next month.

With you in SQL

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