Recap : July 2016 User Group

Hi Guys/Gals

A big thank you to everyone that could attend this month’s user group we hope that you had learned something new. We had a jam-packed session on “New features in SQL Server 2016”. These sessions covered a broad range of new features in numerous different categories namely SQL Server Core/Reporting Services/Analytics as well as SSIS, below is the list and links to the presentations of topics that was covered in our lightning talks (Use responsibly ).

We will go back to our normal schedule next month with two lightning talks and a 40-minute talk on a bigger topic.if you would like to attend our next session, please  register on EventBrite, or if you would like to submit a talk please mail us at

A big thank you to all of our sponsors EOHEntelect and Macro Analytics for making all of this possible and for Microsoft for making their venue available to us. We also have some great prize sponsors namely PluralSight and JetBrains who sponsor monthly licenses to us that we can use as prizes, so be sure not to miss this. We also have a new partner O’Reilly for more information please contact us.

And as always feel free to bring a friend so that we can all learn together.

JP Voogt

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