SQL User Group meeting – 08 July 2014

This month is lightning talk Month

What is a lightning talk? : A lightning talk is a short 10 minute presentation in which the speaker only makes use of slides and no code demonstrations. There are 10 slots covering a wide range of topics from database engine fundamentals through to data base architecture.


Slot 1: Gail ShawSQL Server recovery models in high speed

Slot 2: Minette Steynburg – 5 SQL tips you may not know about.

Slot 3: Sean Pearce – Database compression with a twist

Slot 4: Gareth Henry – Inmon Vs Kimball in 10 minutes

Slot 5: Michael Johnson – What happened to my B-tree, inside the column store index

Slot 6: Alain Dormehl – Under-appreciated BCP vs Bulk Insert

Slot 7: Sifiso Ndlovu – 5 Reasons You Should Handle SQL Server Exceptions Using THROW Instead of RAISERROR

Slot 8: Luis de Sousa – TBA

Slot 9: Sandesh Nagaraj – Meet the Data Warehouse Administrator (DWA)

Slot 10: Howard Diesel – SQL skills development



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