March user group meeting

The Second meeting of 2014 saw us at the 30 attendee mark, this is still below the goal of 50 attendees that we have set ourselves but is still a move in the right direction. This meeting also had a new sponsor, Adapt-It sponsored a number of prises for us to give to attendees. This complemented the Vouchers that we have from Plural sight.

seanOur first presenter of the nigh was fellow lead Sean Pearce [ T | B | L ] who gave a great presentation on the effects of function in your code. His presentation was backed up by great real world examples of how things could go terribly wrong when used incorrectly.

AndreasThe second presentation of the evening was given up Andreas Bergstedt [ T | B | L ]. Andreas showed us how we could use hashing to optimise Delta Loads for large environments by making use of these hashes to enable faster change detection.

The next meeting will be on the 8th April so make sure to register on Eventbrite to ensure you qualify for the lucky draw. I will be sending out a survey to everyone that registered for the event. Please help us make the local SQL user community better by providing feedback of the event.

Below you can find presentation material provided by the speakers

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