April 2014 user group meeting

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The 4th of April 2014 was the third user group of the year and attended by 31 members. Our first presentation was by Jacques Mostert [T|B|L] who gave us a very entertaining presentation on some of the abuses databases experience at the hands of the ill informed in his presentation  “Performance tuning myths and Legends”. Out next presentation was given by Henrico Bekker [T|L] who answered the call by one of our audience members the month before for a presentation on DQS. During this session Henrico showed us how to  quickly get a DQL Model up and running then extend that through the use of the SSIS.

Out next meeting will be on the 13th of May, this will be a full session by Gail Shaw [T|B|L] where she will walk us through the different Index types that we have in SQL and when we should or should not be using them.

Below you can find presentation material provided by the speakers

March user group meeting

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The Second meeting of 2014 saw us at the 30 attendee mark, this is still below the goal of 50 attendees that we have set ourselves but is still a move in the right direction. This meeting also had a new sponsor, Adapt-It sponsored a number of prises for us to give to attendees. This complemented the Vouchers that we have from Plural sight.

seanOur first presenter of the nigh was fellow lead Sean Pearce [ T | B | L ] who gave a great presentation on the effects of function in your code. His presentation was backed up by great real world examples of how things could go terribly wrong when used incorrectly.

AndreasThe second presentation of the evening was given up Andreas Bergstedt [ T | B | L ]. Andreas showed us how we could use hashing to optimise Delta Loads for large environments by making use of these hashes to enable faster change detection.

The next meeting will be on the 8th April so make sure to register on Eventbrite to ensure you qualify for the lucky draw. I will be sending out a survey to everyone that registered for the event. Please help us make the local SQL user community better by providing feedback of the event.

Below you can find presentation material provided by the speakers

First meeting of 2014

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UG201402_1For the first meeting of 2014 we had 24 attendees. A Quick poll showed that the majority of the crowd regarded themselves as Business Intelligence professionals with a hand full of DBA’s.

Ryan Botha presenting on XML

Our first presentation was given by Ryan Botha[L] a first time speaker but long time attendee of the user group. Ryan gave a great presentation on how he and his colleagues used XML to move data between the database and other systems such as CRM systems. He did a great job and we hope to hear more from him in the future.

Stephan Lawson telling us what to expect in SQL 2014

Next up was Stephan Lawson [B|T|L] giving what may be his last presentation to our user group as he will soon be moving to the UK, he will be missed! Stephan gave a hugely informative talk of what we could expect to come out in the yet-to-be-announced release of SQL 2014

Our winners

To help us grow the communities Pluralsight have very kindly sponsored us a number of vouchers to give to our members as prizes. This month we gave away 3 vouchers to attendees as a reward for both registering on the site as well as asking the best questions from our speakers.

The next meeting will be on 11 March 2014 and we look forward to seeing you there.

Below you can find presentation material provided by the speakers

Pluralsight – Our first sponsor

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Great news, early this morning I got confirmation from Pluralsight that they would like to come on-board as our first official sponsor. What does this mean for the group? Well there are three great advantages

  • Pluralsight have given us 24, 1 month subscriptions to their training content. This means that we will be giving away 2 of these subscriptions at every meeting starting with our first event tonight.
  • Pluralsight have given us a full year’s access to their training library and have allowed us to use this during the user group meeting. So in the event that one of our presenters is unable to present we will still have great content for you.
  •  If any of our members find themselves unemployed and want to up skill to get themselves back into the job market then we have a free 1 month subscription for you too. If this is you come and speak to us at the user group meeting and we will hook you up.

We want to thank Pluralsight for this great deal and would encourage you all to head over to their site and see all they have to offer. There are free trials to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Upcomming PASS BI Events

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There are two BI events coming up

24 Hours of PASS: Business Analytics Edition is a free online event with an all star line-up. This event will host 12 speakers speaking on topics ranging from best practice through to Big Data. This is a great option for those of you who are unable to get to the second event.

PASS Business Analytics Conference.  The Pass Business Analytics Conference  will see more than 60 presentation over two full days ranging on a wide variety of topics. For anyone with an interest in the Future of data analytics within Microsoft this is a great event to attend if possible.

A new home for SQLUsergroup.co.za

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After many years of fighting with dotNetNuke and self-hosting I have decided to bite the bullet and setup using WordPress. Two reasons for this, the first is updating two systems was a pain, so much so that I had stopped updating the website. Secondly, EventBrite which I currently use to manage the user group attendance has integrated their platform with WordPress to create a seamless Event management solution e.g. you can the upcoming events widget on your right.

The net result seems to be a much easier system to manage which should free me up to concentrate on what matters most, like finding more great speakers for all the upcoming events. I’ll give this a try for a month or so and if it works out we’ll migrate the domain name as well.

Let me know what you think.