SQL User Group meeting – 14 October 2014

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Meet Microsoft South Africa’s GM Zoaid Hoosen.

Microsoft South Africa’s general manager Zoaid Hoosen is planning to host a session at the next community night to get you know you. He will have a short session and also take your questions between 18:00 and 18:20 so come by a little earlier than usual. If you would like specific questions asked send us your questions and we will forward then on to Microsoft.


This month Gail Shaw will be presenting her PASS session to the user group so if you are keen to see what a PASS level talk looks like make sure you are there. We will also be introducing a new “Beginners” series, this will be a short 10 minute talk where a presenter will talk about a beginner level topic to help our new attendees the opportunity to upskill themselves.

Meeting Agenda:

Short talk 1:

Jan Potgieter – Basics of SQL Server Execution Plans

Short Talk 2:

Howard Diesel – Dynamic Access Control for SSAS

Full presentation:

Gail Shaw – Guessing Games: Statistics, Heuristics, and Row Estimations

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JHB SQL User Group – September 2014

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Following SQL Saturday we were happy with the number of people who attended this month’s regular meeting. Attendance has traditionally been lower than usual but we had over 20 attendees. The Meeting began with Carel demonstrating some of the cool new functionality that SQL windowing functions allow, including a cool de-dupe trick that the audience was very impressed by. This was followed by Michael Johnson who dug out an often forgotten feature in SQL server, SQL spatial. After the presentation we had an opportunity to talk to the attendees about what they would like to see out of the user group, below are some of the common themes

  • More BI Focused topics
  • More beginner\foundational talks
  • Earlier time slot
  • More communication
  • More “soft skill” talks
  • Specific technologies talks.

We will try to incorporate all this feedback into the user group meetings and perhaps offer a revised format for the next year.

Slide from the user group meeting

JHB SQL User Group Schedule – 12 August 2014

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Due to the success of last month’s user group meeting we have decided to change format. Instead of having two full presentation we will move to having one full presentation complimented by two short 10 minute presentations. If you are interested in presenting any of these please let us know and we will schedule you in. This month’s topics are:

Short talk 1: Alain Dormehl – SQL 2014 Resource Governor I/O

Short Talk 2: Greg Nicol – Getting started with BIML using BIDS Helper

Full presentation: Anish Sana – Performance tuning your tabular model

To register for this event, click here

We also have seats available for the SQL Saturday Pre-con to be held on the 29th August

SQLSaturday Precon- Understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning with David Hansen MCM

For more details

Eventbrite - SQLSaturday Precon- Understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning with David Hansen MCM

SQL User Group meeting – 08 July 2014

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This month is lightning talk Month

What is a lightning talk? : A lightning talk is a short 10 minute presentation in which the speaker only makes use of slides and no code demonstrations. There are 10 slots covering a wide range of topics from database engine fundamentals through to data base architecture.


Slot 1: Gail ShawSQL Server recovery models in high speed

Slot 2: Minette Steynburg – 5 SQL tips you may not know about.

Slot 3: Sean Pearce – Database compression with a twist

Slot 4: Gareth Henry – Inmon Vs Kimball in 10 minutes

Slot 5: Michael Johnson – What happened to my B-tree, inside the column store index

Slot 6: Alain Dormehl - Under-appreciated BCP vs Bulk Insert

Slot 7: Sifiso Ndlovu – 5 Reasons You Should Handle SQL Server Exceptions Using THROW Instead of RAISERROR

Slot 8: Luis de Sousa – TBA

Slot 9: Sandesh Nagaraj – Meet the Data Warehouse Administrator (DWA)

Slot 10: Howard Diesel – SQL skills development



May 2014 User group meeting

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May was our 4th user group of the year attendance was 28 with a few new faces. Presenting this month was Gail Shaw[T | B | L] founder of the South African SQL server user group (as we were back then) as well as MVP and MCM. Gail gave a great talk about indexing and why we would want to index is different ways along with the caveat the over index is something to be avoided. I’m sure many of use returned to work the next day to see what we were doing wrong and maybe getting the opportunity to fix it up the right way.

Also discussed was the upcoming SQL Saturday #327 I urge those of you who have not registered and do want to come to this event to go and register, possible as a volunteer or speaker too.

Next month our speakers will be Frikkie Venter and Anish Sana invites will be distributed as soon as I have confirmation on their topics.


SQLSaturday #327

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We have officially been given the go ahead to host our next SQL Saturday. The event will be held on the 30th August 2014 at the Microsoft offices in Bryanston. To ensure that you get a seat Make sure to register early. To register go to our SQL Saturday site at http://www.sqlsaturday.com/327/eventhome.aspx

For those of you who would like to speak the call for speakers is also open until 1 July 2014. Please make sure to get your submission in early